Welcome to Greenlink Allotments

Welcome to Greenlink Allotments. We are a community group based in the beautiful Clyde Valley, in Motherwell – North Lanarkshire in Scotland. The Clyde Valley is famous for it’s historical shipbuilding and marine engineering. Motherwell played a large part in that with it’s main historical significance in its coal mines and steel making (it was once nicknamed Steelopolis).

Both of these industries have mainly moved on now, but steel working remains a large part of the town’s identity with Tata Steel and various other engineering firms giving the community good quality employment. In the past decade, Motherwell has somewhat recovered from the high unemployment and economic decline brought about by the collapse of heavy industry. A number of call centres and business parks such as Strathclyde Business Park have since set up in the region.

Greenlink Allotments is situated at the corner of Fife Drive and Kinloch Drive. It is a community group of 40 plots and works within the area as a Healthy Living community, focusing on biodiversity and social inclusion. Our Allotment has many community groups involved and the committee meets regularly to ensure best practice governance & organisation.

If you are interested in visiting, please get in touch or if you wish to join our community group, put your name down on our waiting list by completing our waiting list application form.