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The best tip on Greenlink Allotment is to use a no-dig method. When you start your plot, no doubt there will be weeds. In order for your plot to be worked quickly, you need to get on top of the weeds, quite literally.

Give yourself space to walk around your planting areas, an access path should be placed on your plot (odd-numbers on the left, even numbered plots on the right), but on the remainder of your plot consider either raised wooden beds or just plant into the ground.

Preparation is key. Get a lot of cardboard, brown cardboard without too much printing on it. Place the cardboard inside your raised beds or directly on the plot where you want to grow, then place compost / horse muck or soil on top of the cardboard. The cardboard smothers and kills the weeds over winter, but equally the worms love working through the carbon in the cardboard and you can encourage them to your growing area by using this method (all good!).

Once you have the well rotted compost on top of the cardboard, simply plant into it! Simple & good luck.

Please consider rainwater capture. Although we have a standing pump on the allotment, this can dry out frequently during the summer. It is surprising how much water you use to water your plants. If outside, in Motherwell we can normally rely on rain, however in the polytunnel or greenhouse we need to rely on other sources of water.

There is plenty of spare guttering around the allotment, just ask a fellow plot-holder and they should be able to help. Pop one on your shed & you’ll be amazed at how much water it can capture. Just make sure you know where the water will go if your container fills up, you don’t want it concentrated on one area causing a flood i.e use a big container.

…..more tips coming, please check back soon, place your tips in the comments below.

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  1. Well done on setting this website up.
    Just browsing through it now. Lots to
    see and do at our wee plot . Happy
    growing everyone, ;-).

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