May 2018 Update – IMPORTANT

As part of the rules of the Allotment that all allotment tenants have signed, there is a clear rule that states access to the allotment is only to be had between Dawn & Dusk.

Recent concerns have been reported that torches and lights have been seen moving in the allotment after Dusk and the Chairman and Vice Chairman are concerned for the safety of people not following the rules. This has an impact on our Public Liability Insurance (please see the treasurer if you would like to see a copy of this document).

In order to protect your safety and ensure we adhere to our P.L.I. conditions (one of which is to follow the rules of the allotment), we will be securing the gates at Dusk so that no access to the allotment will be available after this time. This will be valid from the evening of Monday 28th May unless prior arrangements with the keyholder can be agreed (Any queries  on this please see the Vice-Chairman).

*** 2018 Greenlink Allotment challenge ***

Well, our allotment is busying up & you will be harvesting a lot of your crops from now until the autumn and beyond if you’ve been working your plot & before you know it, you’ll be thinking about the winter clean up and planning for crops next year.

As part of the new season in 2018, Plot 16 (John) is donating a large bottle of Jack Daniels for a wee fun growing challenge. Every plot will be given a dozen giant sunflower seeds and I am hoping you join in to see who can grow the biggest sunflower. It will be judged by John, measuring both the height of the Sunflower and the span of the flower, these will be multiplied together and a score created. The plot with the highest score will win the bottle.

Our junior plot holders will be able to choose something other than a bottle of alcohol if they win.

Let’s embrace the challenge and bring a bit of colour to the allotment.

John will be in touch in the spring with your seeds. Good luck!