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Did you know…. we have a horticultural supplier nearby in Lanarkshire? With great prices

Checkout The Society aim to provide all its customers, horticultural, commercial and domestic gardeners, with premium quality products at the most reasonable prices. Located in Kirkmuirhill, you need transport to get to it but it’s well worth a visit.

Their history is steeped in the Clyde Valley Growers and you can get all your growing needs (including professional composts) for a fraction you would normally pay at your favourite DIY store.

Checkout their 2017 Prices

Charles Dowding is a well known expert on the benefits of “No-dig” gardening. No dig gardening uses the fundamentals of a forest floor, where leaves drop, turn to compost, then repeat annually. Over time, the forest floor creates it’s own growing system, replenishing itself annually and continuing to support some amazing plants / fruits.

You can do this simply on the allotment. If you are starting out on your plot, simply lay some carbon material (Cardboard is ideal) on the weeds, this suppresses the weeds & eventually kills them. Do this in the Autumn and add compost or well rotted manure. In the spring, your plot will be ready for growing, thanks to the beneficial organisms and of course the worms, who will turn your plot into a well controlled planting space.

If you want to find out more about this method, visit Charles’ website for some great information. Checkout his YouTube videos as well & remember to subscribe to his channel.